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Since its establishment in 2006, Huaxingjin Company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality is the foundation of survival, the market is the source of benefits, and talents are the driving force of development" business philosophy, and strives to build a well-known enterprise in the hardware industry.

"Quality is the foundation of survival." Since its establishment, Huaxing Jin has taken "quality is the foundation of survival" as the cornerstone of development, strengthened quality and safety awareness among all employees, strengthened quality control work in key links such as standardized operation and process supervision, and created everyone to pay attention to quality. A good atmosphere in pursuit of quality and advocating quality.

To fundamentally eliminate hidden quality hazards, the quality work must be shifted from the post-event check to the pre-check and full tracking. Huaxingjin strictly implements quality control procedures from raw material procurement, production and processing, product inspection, packaging and transportation to after-sales service, and strictly implements self-inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection inspection system to eliminate the impact from all employees, all-round, and the entire process Due to the unstable factors of quality, product quality has been significantly improved.

In order to improve service quality, Huaxingjin continuously strengthens the link between production, sales and service, plays the role of information management platform, continuously optimizes quality management and production organization process management, and expands service functions around optimizing service processes. And through regular customer seminars, market and customer visits and other measures, to understand and solve customer suggestions and problems, and continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

"The market is the source of benefits." The market is the main battlefield for an enterprise to display its skills. As a production, processing, manufacturing and operation enterprise, it will face the test of the market. If there is no market, no amount of products produced by the enterprise will produce benefits; customers are concerned about the quality of the products and the services of the enterprise. Satisfaction will accumulate into an intangible asset of the enterprise, through which it will attract more customers. On the contrary, the loss caused by customer dissatisfaction is huge. With a group of customers standing behind a customer, the loss of the market is immeasurable. The market is the source of corporate benefits. Pay attention to the needs of customers and maximize the ability to serve customers. Can be invincible in the market.

"Talents are the driving force of development". There is an old saying that "the one who wins will rise, and the one who loses will perish." It is also the importance of talent. In the current competition among various enterprises in Chinese society, the winners are all the result of human efforts. Using a scientific and efficient employee salary management system, selecting talents in an eclectic style, enables a group of young talents to stand out and obtain positions that match their abilities, so that all talents can play their roles to the utmost. In terms of talent treatment, the method of linking salary to performance is adopted, and the scientific performance appraisal system is used to assess the actual work of each employee, so that employees who have contributed to the enterprise receive corresponding material rewards, and rewards are for a talent The tangible affirmation of the contribution has stimulated the enthusiasm of the employees even more. In the use of talents, the strategy of giving equal emphasis to authorization and supervision is adopted to delegate power to the employees to the greatest extent, which greatly stimulates the creative work of the employees and enables them to exert their abilities to their fullest extent.

In recent years, the scale of Huaxingjin's operating income has increased rapidly, diversified sales channels and customer service quick response mechanisms have been established in domestic and overseas markets, and a fast and efficient marketing and service network has been formed.


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