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Our company was established in June 2006 and is located in Longhua New District, Shenzhen. Our main business: copper nuts, stainless steel nuts, standard precision screws, stainless steel screws, CD pattern screws, flat washers, elastic media, corns, steel, iron, aluminum, Car parts; metal stamping parts: springs, rivets and other hardware national standard and non-standard parts; as well as steel needles, spring thimble, metal nickel sheet (speaker net, earpiece net, LOGO logo), stainless steel stamping steel net and other products. Applicable to mobile phone communications, clocks, electronics (cameras, mobile phones, computers, MP3, stylus, smart watches), home appliances, furniture, construction and other fields.
Phone nut
As the name implies: a mobile phone nut is a nut used on a mobile phone. The mobile phone nut uses the principle of screwing the mobile phone nut and the mobile phone screw or screw together to connect and tighten the key components of the mobile phone; the mobile phone nut has an internal thread and Used in conjunction with a screw, it is also a hardware part of a mobile phone that transmits motion or power. Mobile phone nuts are classified by material: mobile phone copper nuts and mobile phone stainless steel nuts. Generally, the following materials are used for mobile phone copper nuts: C3604 brass, HPB59 series brass. Mobile phone stainless steel nuts are generally used: SUS303 or SUS304 stainless steel materials. Mobile phone nuts are classified according to the parts used on the mobile phone: mobile phone copper nuts are usually used in mobile phone plastic shells and mobile phone internal stamping parts. The main function is to connect plastic parts with other parts of the mobile phone. It can also make mobile phone stamping parts and other parts. The parts of the mobile phone are connected to act as a fastening. The copper nuts of mobile phones are generally embedded in the plastic shell of the mobile phone by hot melting, hot pressing, pressure riveting, ultrasonic welding and other methods (currently the first technology to implant copper nuts is: the highest processing efficiency is the use of deep large CNC nut implanting machines ); The stainless steel nut of the mobile phone is generally connected to the mobile phone stamping parts or other hardware by means of pressure riveting, spin riveting, and laser welding. Mobile phone nuts are classified according to their shapes and appearances: they are divided into embossed nuts, knurled nuts, straight-grained nuts, twill nuts, reticulated nuts, herringbone nuts, T-nuts, round nuts, cap nuts, wing nuts, Hexagon nuts, ring nuts, square nuts, four-corner weld nuts, etc.
Commonly used materials for mobile phone nuts: copper and stainless steel. Copper material: 3604, H59, H62; stainless steel material: SUS303, SUS304. Mobile nut processing equipment: cam-moving automatic lathe. Mobile phone nut processing technology: automatic lathe hardware cutting. Mobile phone nut thread processing technology: The method of processing internal and external threads on the workpiece mainly includes cutting processing and rolling processing.
Titanium alloy mobile phone nut is a mobile phone nut developed from the end of 2011 and gradually matured in March 2012. The titanium nut is made of titanium alloy, and there are two common types: M1.2 and M1.0, which are issued by Foxconn and applied to the iPhone 5.
CD thread screw
CD pattern screws are widely used in the electronics industry, such as cameras, mobile phones, computers, MP3, stylus, etc.; the CD pattern screws on Apple mobile phones on the market.
302.304.410 stainless steel screws are more suitable for processing CD pattern, but the effect of other materials is not so good; generally, if the plasticity is medium, if the plasticity is too low, brittle cracks will expand during etching, and if the plasticity is too high, the sticking effect will occur. , Just like the Nian Xuan sticking knife, the CD pattern is processed only after the structure and properties of the material are changed through the vacuum heat treatment process. Note: Because the general stainless steel screw is not magnetic, it is not easy to assemble; and 410 is magnetic, and the screw assembly efficiency is better than 302. Stainless steel must be efficient.
The main types of screws applicable to the product are mobile phone screws, computer screws, small screws, mp3, mp4 screws, clock screws, electronic screws, earphone screws, charger screws, camera screws, micro screws, environmental protection screws, computer screws, toy screws, and electrical appliances. Screws, glasses screws, dvd screws, instrument screws, printer screws, fax machine screws, fan screws, air conditioner screws, washing machine screws, remote control screws, motor screws, switch screws, bicycle screws, lighting screws, sports equipment screws, audio speakers Power amplifier screws, wood screws, self-tapping screws, machine screws, countersunk screws, precision automatic lathe parts.
Spring thimble
Mobile phone antenna thimble, grounding pin, probe, electronic cigarette spring electrode, flashlight contact pin, vehicle current pin, camera equipment conductive pin, and various precision electronic hardware components. Spring probes (antenna thimble, probe, thimble) are mainly used for mobile phones (mobile phone antennas, grounding, backup power) and other difficult-to-contact purposes, and provide customers with solutions for connections that cannot be completed with shrapnel or other connectors. The spring probe has stable performance, high contact performance, and a wide range of connectors during use. It is the first choice for connectors. Purpose: electronic photography: power on; mobile phone: antenna, grounding, battery contact.
Nickel sheets
Metal nickel sheet (solder, bumper, pin, connection sheet, lead-out sheet), precision terminal, speaker net, earpiece net, LOGO logo; the product is suitable for nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium, lithium battery, polymer, DVD, power tools And other industries such as battery and mobile phone speaker net, earpiece net, LOGO logo, etc.; all kinds of precision hardware stamping processing.

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